Secrets And Tips To Using Your Penis Extender That Will Give You Even Better Results!

The penis extender by itself is the most effective weapon we have in the fight to get a bigger penis. And on it's own it does the job extremely well. but there are a couple of things you can do to get even bigger results, and faster too. These little known secrets to using penis extenders are simple and safe, yet incredibly effective.

Secret 1: Use Andractim Topical DHT For Hormonal Growth Assistance!

andractim imageAndractim is a topical DHT gel made for transdermal application to the skin. DHT is a derivative of testosterone and is responsible for the development of male sexual characteristics. This includes facial hair growth, body hair growth and, you guessed it, penile development!

In fact, topical DHT is used by doctors in the treatment of Micropenis. This terrible condition is characterized by having a penis that is three inches or shorter when fully erect. Men with this condition can often increase there size just by applying topical DHT alone to hormonally spur new penis growth.

Andractim can help you get better results too. The combination of the extender for traction force development and Andractim for hormonal penis growth is incredibly effective. You can get growth at a faster rate than with the extender alone. And your potential size gains will increase also.

You should use Andractim in cycles. For example, use it for six to eight weeks, then take a four week break before continuing use. This break period allows androgen receptors that have been down-regulated (the extra DHT causes your body to do this as a mechanism to regain homeostasis) to up-regulate into the penis tissues again and be ready for another growth spurt!

Secret 2: Use Heat, Heat And More Heat!

Your efforts to get bigger via extender will be greatly enhanced by the use of heat applications before and during your stretching session. Heat increases the malleability of tissues, including penile tissue.

As an example, bend over and touch your toes, then try again later after a hot shower. There is a noticeable difference in how far you can comfortably stretch. The same applies to your penis tissue.

It's easy to do. Before you put on your extender device thoroughly warm up the entire penile shaft by applying heat. This can be a heating pad, a warm bath or shower or just a clothe soaked in warm water.

While you are wearing your extender you can also apply some occasional heat to keep the tissues warm and pliable. Toward the end of your stretching session skip the heat to let the penis tissues cool down and 'cement' in the stretched position.


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